A downloadable game

Team up with your bestest bro to climb up the tower fighting bosses forever. Each boss learns based on how move, attack, and perform. The better you are, the harder it gets. How many bosses will you defeat, bro?

Legal Disclaimer: BOSSES FOREVER 2.BRO and Too DX, LLC do not claim any responsibility for increased desire for epic hair, jumping off walls, excessive dashing, or intense hatred of pink power shades. Do not play BOSSES FOREVER 2.BRO when pregnant, unless you want your child to be awesome. Do not play game under the influence of alcohol and think you will get good scores. Small children are recommended 20 minutes of BOSSES FOREVER 2.BRO a day by all people desiring fun and well-adjusted offspring. Do not expect other games to adapt to your playstyle. Side effects may include: Increased signs of nervousness when confronting shuriken, homing rockets, homing bullets and lazers, heightened sense of bro-ness, sweaty palms, desire to play “just one more round”, desire for a bro who knows how to fight, nausea when dash-jumping to your death and feeling epically talented when surviving at half a HP remaining. Do not operate heavy machinery while playing. 

Install instructions

Download. Extract files. Select the app or exe. Play. Fight bosses. Prosper.

If you want to customize controls, the tab marked "Controls" in the main menu will let you do so.